Saturday, March 29, 2014

1 Month is better then 9 right?

Well I guess I can get another post out of the way.  I have been meaning to do one for a few weeks now, but just have been really busy.  Karrie and I watched all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad.  Yeah probably not the best show to watch, but was really good.  It took us a while to watch since we could only watch a episode or two an evening, if we were that lucky.  We are both busy with work and enjoying the new base.  There is lots and lots to do around here so we are busy exploring and visiting places.  I will try to recap how he last month has gone and try not to be too boring. 

Karrie and I have been running a lot more lately.  Like 12-15 or more miles a week.  Just depends on the week and what the plan is.  Plan you ask?  Well I signed up for a half marathon April 27th in San Luis Obispo CA.  I am excited since it will be my first.  Karrie and I used to hate to run and thought that 2 miles was a long way.  Well we have been enjoying it a lot more and been putting a lot of miles on.  At Thanksgiving Karrie got me a GPS watch and since then I have put on over 130 miles.  That may not seem like a lot, but for me that is.  Just in the past 6 weeks is when I have put on about half of those.  Karrie has been right next to me for the majority of those miles the past 6 weeks.  In fact she ran rather then I did this week!  She is really doing awesome and I am proud of her.  She says she didn't think she could run 6 miles in a row, but she can.  Tomorrow morning we have a 7 miler coming up and that will be farthest either of us have ran before.  Usually Sunday mornings is our long runs and then I run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays also.  Karrie usually runs those with me and some even on Monday and Friday.  I have the half next month and Karrie and I are signed up for a half in November in Florida in Disney.  Its a night race and they have all the lights on and fireworks and all sorts of fun things.  We run through all 3 parks there.  Should be really fun and we are excited.  Colton even goes with us.  He just rides along in the stroller and I push him as we go along.  He does really well.  A few times he gets a little fussy, but that's ok.  Waiting for mom and dad to run 6 miles, it takes a long time and I would get bored also. 

Colton's attire before a run one Sunday morning.   Yep those are his PJ's, I didn't feel like changing him and he didn't care. 
So last month we ventured down to LA to the Children's Hospital for Colton's eye.  He had an MRI to see if there was anything behind his eye.  There was no mass behind his eye, but they did find a few other things they want to look at further.  So we are going back next month for a 2nd MRI and this time they will do a whole brain scan.  Last time they just looked behind his eyes.  He had to be put under anesthesia and he will this time as well.  So any prayers you can send our way the better.  I have faith that God will take good care of him and that they won't find anything, but it never hurts to ask anyways.   
This is the crib he slept in the hotel the night before his MRI.  This thing was huge!  He really enjoyed it.  Well until 4am when he wasn't happy anymore and nothing would make him happy.  So Colton and Daddy went for a walk in the lobby so he would calm down.  He wasn't a happy camper because he couldn't eat or drink anything.

He looked so cute sleeping.  The nurse said he had woken up before we came back into the room and went back to sleep.  When he is asleep, he sleeps.  So we waited about 45 minutes for him to wake up on his own and of course he didn't.  So mommy had to tickle his feet and he woke up pretty fast.  Once he drank some apple juice they would release him, just wanted to make sure he could drink before he could go home.

There are a few pictures of the lobby.  Really nice hospital and they even have a McDonald's inside.  Crazy I know.

Since Colton was so good for his MRI we decided to give him a treat.  We took him to the LA Zoo.  The nurse said he would probably want to sleep all day.  Well Colton had other plans, he stayed awake the whole time at the zoo.  He really enjoyed it and was such a happy baby and not cranky at all.  Now once we got in the car to come home, someone slept the whole 2 1/2 hour ride back. 

For being good at the zoo, he got to pick out a book.  This kid loves books.  I don't know where he gets it from because Karrie and I don't read that much.  We want to but just can't seem to find the time.

Karrie has been busy working on quits and someone has to help her.  She has a few to finish up and she will be done with those and I'm sure on to more quilts.  One day a week she goes with a friend and they quilt for a few hours.  It allows Karrie to get away from the house to get some work done on the quilts and not distracted by her little helper.  He loves to push all the buttons on the machine and that isn't the best idea while she is sewing. 

While I was cooking one day, someone was a little tired and decided to remove the placemats from the drawer and make himself a little bed in the kitchen.  He even covered himself up.  It took a few tries to get it on his back the way he wanted, but he finally got it.  He really is so cute when he sleeps.  A little hard to move around in the kitchen when there is someone sleeping under you.  But that's ok, he is my little helper.  He likes to help me load the dishwasher and helps shut the door.  Funny little guy. 

While Karrie is busing working on homework on the weekends, Colton and I go find something else to do.  This will allow Karrie to have silence around the house and be able to accomplish everything that she does. So one day we decided to go for a hike.  I have my new wild land boots I have to break in, so why wear them also.  Usually they give you blisters, but luckily I only got a few on the top of my foot around my ankle.  From where the tongue flexes.  For a 6 1/2 mile straight up hike, thought that was pretty good.  We parked the car at 122' elevation and the peak was 2450'.  That a lot of ground to cover in only 3 miles up.  It was a warm day, but well worth the pain and the sweat.

This is how my rider was for about half of the way up.  He kept loosing his shoes and his hat.  He would say "uh oh" when his hat fell off when he was awake.  Needless to say I had to go up and down a few times looking for shoes and his hat.  But that's ok, I didn't mind. 

This is the view looking South towards Santa Barbara.

Looking North West.

When we have time, which is usually on the weekend you will find us at the barn with Karrie's horse, Hottie.  Colton was trying to whip her into shape.  He likes Karrie's lunge whip, he thought it was pretty cool. 


Green Eggs and Ham anyone?  This was breakfast one day at the CDC (Child Development Center) where Colton spends his day while we work.  We get invited to fun little things like this every once in a while.  Notice the oranges on his plate.  I think he ate Mrs. Barbara out of oranges that day.  Didn't touch his green eggs and ham.  It was Dr. Seuss's birthday, that was the reason for the color choice. 

He loves looking at the picture albums on the coffee table.  I think he just likes looking at his pretty momma.  His Aunt Katie and Grandma made the cut also, but I'm pretty sure its momma.  Just Kidding.  He just likes looking at all the pictures. 
Momma why are you taking my picture when I am stuck in this box, get me out!!!!

I don't remember what we were eating this day, but he sometimes likes to wear it also.  Funny little kid.

Momma and Colton had a field trip to the park in his favorite little car.  He only likes to go backwards so he can push with his feet.  He is crazy fast pushing this thing and is a very good driver.  He hardly ever hits the wall which is a good thing.

We do art work at school and since it was daddy's night to watch him and he wasn't paying attention, Colton decided to make art work with his yogurt.  At least I caught him before he was wearing it.  I likes to do this with his bottle also.  He is very artsy kid, doesn't get it from me.  My mom says I am a good artist, but mom's have to say that.  I'm horrible, Karrie is the artist. 
So we ventured down to San Diego one weekend to watch the OSU Cowboys play basketball in the NCAA tournament.  They didn't win, but was ok.  It was a fun game to watch and we also had fun just being in San Diego exploring.  We stayed on The Navy base on Coronado Island and it was really nice.  Hard to get rooms because they are always packed, but really nice.  It was a fun weekend. 
Go POKES!!!  Colton really liked watching the basketball game. 

Man does he love carousals.  We found one downtown along the coast and he loved it.  That thing was moving and it was very hard to get a picture of him.  When I say moving, I mean moving!

His new favorite thing to do, make fun of his momma.  He goes "oooooooo."  We were at SeaWorld and he loved looking all the fish.  Think in this picture we were under the water with the sharks.
Along with visiting SeaWorld, we visited the USS Midway.  It's a retired Navy carrier that is now a museum.  If you are ever in San Diego, you need to go.  It's well worth your time.  Makes me thankful that I am Air  Force and not stuck on a floating city.   

Colton wants to be a Navy Pilot!  Lets try the Air Force first buddy.  Stuck on a carrier would not be fun. 
The next set of pictures are Karrie practicing her photography.  She has an opportunity to work with a photographer in the area assisting him.  This is a great opportunity for her to learn and maybe one day become a photographer.  I think she does wonderful work, but she will say otherwise.  She is always so hard on herself. 

Looking at the boats on the water.  Those are Navy ships behind us from the base on Coronado where we stayed. 

What's that Colton?  "OOOOOOOOO"  Oh ok, I see.

That boat anchor chain is pretty heavy buddy.  Good luck!

Well that is about it for now.  A lot going on but so little time.  We are either working, school work, messing with Hottie the horse, running, practicing photography or quilting, that takes up most of our time. 
If you don't mind, remember to keep us in your prayers and also some of our friends who recently have had babies.  Enjoy the pictures and I hope to post sooner this time. 


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